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It is important to have regular dental checks during your pregnancy as the health of your mouth can be negatively affected during this time. Changes in hormone levels commonly make expectant mothers more susceptible to gum disease and this needs to be monitored carefully. Women may find that their gums bleed more readily when pregnant. Sometimes pregnant women can develop a reddened swelling or lump on the gum which is called a pregnancy epulis. These are harmless and will dissipate naturally. Due to these gum issues we strongly recommend that women have their gums checked regularly during pregnancy and in some cases have regular hygiene visits.

Routine dental treatment is generally possible during pregnancy although due to increased discomfort when lying flat sometimes treatment is deferred until after the baby is born. Elective surgery is normally postponed until after the child has come. X-rays are mostly avoided during pregnancy, and this especially true during the first trimester. However as the radiation dose from dental x-rays is very low it can sometimes be acceptable to have an x-ray during certain treatments, such as root canal treatment. Anti-biotics are also avoided during pregnancy however some are safe to take in urgent situations. Tetracyclines are to be avoided unless totally necessary as they can affect the developing teeth of the child.

Morning sickness is a common problem at the beginning of a pregnancy and stomach acids can damage teeth. If you are vomiting regularly it may be beneficial to rinse your mouth out with water or milk to reduce the effects of the stomach acids. If you have any questions about your dental health during you pregnancy please come in and have a chat with us at Westdene.