Emergency Visits


Having a dental emergency can be a very stressful time

Let us help reduce that stress call us today.

You will be offered an appointment within 24 hours with one of our dentists to assess your needs.

We always keep some space available everyday to see registered patients, and will also make time to see new patients who are in trouble.

Often one visit is enough to give reassurance or buy some time for when definitive treatment can be provided.

For out of hours emergency visits we have set up a rota of local practitioners run by this practice to make available a dentists 24 hour helpline to assist you when you need treatment. Please phone 01273 550116 to access this number for private treatment or free advice.

Alternatively the NHS emergency service accessed by phoning 03000 242548 Don’t delay although the symptoms may subside it is important to diagnose the cause of the trouble and this is often most easily done when it is at its worst.

Payment for emergency visits is based on time required but is free for all of our registered plan patients. Please ask reception if you would like more information about this. We look forward to helping you.